CMJ: our partner school in Prague

The College of Media and Journalism in Prague is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports with an up-to-date educational programme in the field of Journalism, Audiovisual and Digital Media, and Public Relations and Digital Media. The school reached the 20th anniversary of its existence in the field of media education in the academic year 2015/16. In its full capacity the school can accommodate 300 students.

The College of Media and Journalism sees the future media as a key communication point, where independent authors on one hand, and editorial leaders on the other, will meet. The content of the new media will consist of ordered contributions or of professionally mediated information. Thanks to new technologies, the demands for quality will be raised and only people with a high quality journalistic training and deep contextual education will be capable of working in media. New generations of journalists will work both in a global world of communication networks and in regional news. They will also have to be good at telling stories, not only of others‘, but their own as well. That is the aim of the College of Media and Journalism.

Three main fields

Based on the current practice of Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian and French media schools, the new educational programme reflects the newest trends in communication professions and greatly benefits the inquisitive applicants who want to study at a cutting-edge media college. The educational programme is divided into three main fields: Journalism, Audiovisual and Digital Media, and Public Relations and Digital Media.

Education and training are based on a modular credit system, which enables students to gain ECTS credits for the passed subjects and to use them at other, both Czech and foreign, universities and colleges. The CMJ has a distance-learning option. That form of study provides all people who want to study but have no time for full-time study with opportunity to improve themselves in media communication. All forms of study are supported by the learning management system Moodle, which is mostly use as a tool of blended learning.

Cooperation with the media industry

The CMJ is a practical media workshop with its own up-to-date media facilities – a radio studio, video editing labs, DTP workplaces, a brand new TV studio with a production-control room. Seminar rooms, including a lecture hall for 100 students, are equipped with multimedia presentation tools. The equipment for new media education is provided through intensive cooperation with the industry representatives (Apple, Samsung etc.) thus keeping the equipment at the high-end level.

The school strongly believes in a learning by doing approach and almost half of the time spent in school is dedicated to practical workshops and job-like environment. The teachers are recruited from the ranks of journalists, media workers and communication experts as well as academics.

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